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Planet is a start-up founded by Alessandro Villa and Alessandro Bianciardi in 2013. Although different expertise and professional background, both of them are into biology, complex biology systems and bio-inspired technology and after they have concluded a specific educational programme (respectively Biomimicry Specialist Program and Biomimicry Professional Program) in Biomimicry Institute (San Francisco, USA), they decided to set up an entrepreneurial business with the main goal to apply and share that innovative discipline learnt in USA. Planet is ideed specialized in biologically inspired design for sustainable innovation
Planet is part of the international network linked to the Biomimicry 3.8 Institute. Planet can count on a world-wide network of professionals in different disciplines (biology, engineering, design, economy, business management, architecture, chemistry and more) and experienced in the Biomimicry Thinking framework.

Planet is also founder both of Biomimicry Italy and European Biomimicry Alliance
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