Workshop at Trento university
April 17, 2013
Workshops in Portugal
May 17, 2017

Planet in Brazil

In Mid september i was invited by the Methodist University of Sao Paolo in Brazil to hold a seminar and a workshop on biomimicry. The University set up a five years course for environmental engineers with a special emphasis on biomimicry. Seminar and workshop
During a week spend at the university i could hold a three hours seminars to 150 students from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year and an outdoor workshop with 75 students of the first year. We held the workshop in the Atlantic Forest ecosystem few kilometers from Sao Paolo. Students could learn about the local ecosystem, the importance of preserving it and get inspired from organisms to generate ideas for sustainable design through a "from biology to design" exercise. The Sustainability Centre
I also had meeting with Professors engaged in the Sustainability Centre of the University. The aim of the centre is to promote/increase sustainability within the university and in specific projects carried out in collaboration with external entities such as local governments, communities, private sector. I explained the biomimicry thinking framework and its potentiality to develop sustainable/innovative projects. Excellent feedbacks and planted the seeds for future cooperation with private sector in this amazing country

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